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Acapulco, a quintessential beach destination, is recognized as Mexico’s first international tourist port. Its enchanting sunsets and crystal-clear waters have made it one of the favorite and most visited destinations on the Mexican coast.

Historically, it is divided into tourist zones due to its beauty and significance: Diamond Zone, in constant development and growth; Golden Zone, the heart of Acapulco’s daytime and nighttime life; and the Traditional Zone, a living history of the port. We’ve added one more area for travelers seeking new and grand experiences: Pie de la Cuesta, the host of extreme sports. We invite you to discover the best beaches of Acapulco for the world.

Diamond Zone

Golden Zone

Traditional Zone

Pie de la Cuesta



Also known as Punta Diamante, it is considered a new area with high development and an investment hub in the port.



Located in the heart of the most beautiful bay in the world, Santa Lucia Bay, it is one of the travelers' favorite areas.



A zone full of character and history of the port, it has become a must-visit due to the sensation of having stopped time in its golden age.


de la Cuesta

A slice of paradise located just 10 minutes from Acapulco, it is internationally famous for its most spectacular sunsets.


Since 2020, Acapulco has been sustained as a Blue Flag destination, an international certification for beaches and marinas that aims to reward destinations that have achieved “excellence” according to global standards.

5 of Acapulco’s beaches have Blue Flag certification: Pie de la Cuesta, Icacos in its sections I and II, as well as Revolcadero Beach in its sections I and II. In this way, the port demonstrates its excellence in environmental management and stewardship, safety, services, and water quality, ensuring its visitors that the beaches are free from pollution to guarantee a pleasant stay at each of them.

Today, Mexico is among the Top Ten of the 47 countries in the world with the highest number of Blue Flag certifications. It maintains the certification of 3 marinas in 2 states, 29 certified vessels, and 62 Blue Flag beaches in its various tourist destinations.