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No matter the time of year is always a good time to make room in the schedule and go for a weekend to relax in Acapulco. Nada how to get to the nearest port of DF and installed immediately in one of the many spas, receive a traditional massage or hot stone or something more exotic like chocolate, and end it all with a healthy juice. Following manicure and aromatherapy, a balanced meal ends to achieve total relaxation experience.

Acapulco is much more than a beach. We invite you to visit the cultural offerings that the port has for you.

From the Historical Museum of Fort San Diego to the craft markets of the city, Acapulco has a story ready to receive you with cultural expressions that will surprise you.

Acapulco is a vibrant city with many centuries of history and culture to discover. Our destination is a living witness to the time of the conquest, independence and modern times. Do not miss the opportunity to walk around and visit all the historical and cultural sites are there in our beautiful harbor, scrolling either alone or doing one of the traditional guided tours to local suppliers can provide.

Casona de Juarez

Cultural area aimed at promoting regional culture and art of the State of Guerrero and especially the Municipality of Acapulco. Has 3 showrooms for art exhibitions, photographic or literature presentations. Also take place within its facilities plays, singing competitions, and taught painting workshops, dance, music, theater, languages, among others.

Location: Benito Juárez Esq Felipe Valle, Col. Centro, Acapulco, Gro.
 (744) 440 71 40

Fort San Diego

It was built in the early seventeenth century to defend ships laden with goods from Asia at the time from pirates. The damage caused by an earthquake forced its reconstruction in 1778, following the outline of the old fortress. Currently has been conditioned to house the Historical Museum of Acapulco, has ten exhibition halls showing the history of Mexico and Acapulco, and the importance of this strength in various stages of independence.

Location: Hornitos and Morelos s / n, Col. Centro, Acapulco, Gro. CP 39300
 (744) 482 3828/482 1114
(744) 482 3848

Guerrero Institute of Culture

Here you will find all sorts of cultural exhibitions, painting and photography, as well as collections of artifacts and relics of ancient populations Guerrero State. Here it is performed plays, singing competitions and also taught some paint shops, dance, theater or music and language classes, among other activities.

Location: Av Costera Miguel Alemán no. 4834, Fracc. Costa Azul
 (744) 484 2390/484 4004, (744) 484 4004

Diego Rivera Mural

Between 1956 and 1957 the Mexican painter Diego Rivera lived in the port of Acapulco, performing some of his last works before his death in the house of her friend Dolores Olmedo. On the facade of the house you can see a mural of 70 square meters in which they noted the gods Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc Aztec culture. This wall was built in relief and completed by small volcanic stone mosaics, fragments of tiles, quarry stones and seashells. It represents an important part of history, art and culture of Puerto place of inspiration and refuge of celebrities from Mexico and the world.

Location: Calle Inalámbrica no. 6. Cerro de la Pinzona, Zona Centro, Acapulco, Gro.

Naval Historical Museum

Located in the golden area of the harbor, this museum tells you the history of the Bay of Santa Lucia (yes, that was his name before Acapulco), which for over 250 years was the main trading port at the time of the Conquest .Library has a consultation with a specialist in maritime heritage, and you can see all many ship models and how to build, step by step, naval models are placed in the museum.

Acapulco Philharmonic Orchestra

Acapulco Philharmonic is a professional orchestra has 76 full-time teachers and conducted annually by an average of 90 concerts, both in the State of Guerrero and the rest of the country and abroad. In the year of 1998 is remitted Civil Award “Domingo Soler” Scenic Merit, the highest distinction awarded by the Government of Guerrero. Acapulco Philharmonic has different forums to get to cover all municipalities of State. Orchestra consists of professional musicians featured, and has to date more than 529 concerts highlighting Alarconianas Days, So we are in Guerrero, French Film Festival, Festival of Orchestras of Fine Arts, International Tourism Tianguis, Third week of Guerrero Chicago International Festival OTI, Aca-Fest, etc.

Location: Av. Cristóbal Colón No. 100 Int 402 Plaza Bombay, Fracc. Costa Azul CP 39850, Acapulco, Gro

Tel: (744) 484 6626 or (744) 484 4854

Tehuacalco Zone

Place the stone box, instead of houses of priests and in the house of holy water, are the translations of the word Tehuacalco in lenguanahúatl that INAH is still investigating. These ruins are named because the foundations built on natural hills simulate large structures like stone boxes, although archaeological locals say was named as the place of tehuacallis, referring to the pre-Columbian graves created by the man on the stone. It Is located in the central region of the state of Guerrero, 50 minutes from Acapulco on the highway of the sun (autopista del sol). They have various tours and trips scheduled, the DMC’s local you can coordinate the visit.

CONTACT: National Institute of Anthropology and History Delegation Guerrero

Tel: (747) 472 2604

Palma Sola Area

Archaeological Zone and the nation’s cultural heritage, which are located 18 rock carvings depicting human figures dating back to pre-Hispanic times in the period between the years 800 BC. C. and 750 d. C. Show various situations, historical events, myths, beliefs and customs of the ancient inhabitants of the region, is believed to be a place where religious ceremonies were held.

Location: Calle La Mona S / N, Col. Independencia, Acapulco, Gro.

Tel: (747) 472 0035, (744) 486 1514


When it comes to relaxing, Acapulco has l as latest trends for your wellbeing.

Lose yourself in the mystical world of spiritual and physical healing that Acapulco has for you with a variety of lounges and world-class spas.

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